Less waste, better it tastes!
Groenten Zonder Grenzen (GZG - 'Veggies without borders' ) is an initiative that collects leftover food to cook free, healthy and sustainable meals. Learn more »

GZG Take it away!

GZG makes healthy tasty meals from fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away.

Especially in these times of crisis, we would like to draw attention to taking better care of our bodies and planet, and reducing the amount of quality food being wasted.

By booking here, you can collect up to two free meals, every Wednesday between 18.00 and 19.00 at our central location in Rotterdam.

We kindly ask you to bring your own Tupperware containers so that we do not have to use new packaging as much as possible. Hope to see you soon!

Our Locations

Kipstraat Take Away
Date: 07-04-2021
Time: 18.00-19.00
Address: Kipstraat 37, 3011 RS Rotterdam

Every Wednesday you can collect up to 2 vegan meals by reserving them here.

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Start your own GZG

Starting a new Groenten Zonder Grenzen location is easier than you think! We have done most of the groundwork so all you need are a few enthusiastic volunteers and a cosy and hygienic place to cook.

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Groenten Zonder Grenzen (GZG – ‘Veggies without borders’ ) is an initiative that collects leftover food to cook free, healthy and sustainable meals.

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About us

Groenten Zonder Grenzen (GZG – ‘Veggies without borders’) is an initiative that collects leftover products from markets and stores and gives them a second chance by organizing free weekly dinner parties. We aim to contribute to a general awareness of: Food waste – also at home and in daily living Healthy and sustainable eating – through […]

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GZG Donation list

Since we can only save fruits and vegetables from the market we always need a few more ingredients to make our meals come to life.

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