Stock cubes from scraps
Do you eat many vegetables? Then you know how many scraps are left after cooking (peel, stems, tops etc..). But the era of food waste has come to an end and, from today on, you are gonna rescue all the vegetable scraps in your kitchen, you’ll basically become a scraps master!

In this recipe we are gonna teach you how to transform your scraps into delicious and healthy stock cubes that can be used in many of your daily recipes!


  • Vegetable scraps (like carrot peels, onion skin, veggie stems, tomato tops, etc..). IMPORTANT: if you are gonna use the external part of a vegetable (like carrots or potato peels) this vegetable should be biological. The internal parts are all fine
  • Salt (⅓ the weight of your vegetables)
  • Garlic and onion (optional)
  • Olive oil
  • Fresh spices, like rosemary and thyme.. (optional)


  • Every time you clean a veggie, keep the scraps apart, wash them carefully, cut them in small pieces and place them in a bag or box in your freezer;
  • When you have enough scraps, weigh them and calculate ⅓ of the weight; this is gonna be the amount of salt you need;
  • Process all the scraps together (still frozen) with the salt, the herbs (optional) and some fresh onion and garlic (optional) in a food processor. Add a bit of olive oil to help create a thick cream;
  • Store your stock in the freezer. Create mono portions using an ice cubes tray.

Tips and uses

  • Be sure to wash all your veggies carefully and use only the skin of biological product;
  • Try to “balance” the taste of your cubes using different vegetables, for example if you use too much carrots than the stock will taste too carroty;
  • You can use your stock cubes to flavor your risotto, create delicious soups, enhance the taste of a tomato sauce and much more…