Humans of GZG

“Did you know that it is quite expensive to eat healthy? I think that is crazy. At one point, I was confronted with people having a shortage of healthy food during this Corona period. I was shocked at first. But then I thought, we are literally sitting on a mountain with food and it cannot be that there are no people who need it. There has to be a way around that to get people. And it was such a simple idea, that I was asure that others would want to help with this.

The initiative that resulted from the efforts of a group of volunteers at Groenten Zonder Grenzen “Veggies to the Rescue”. With this we deliver food during the Corona period. In the normal circumstances of Groenten Zonder Grenzen I especially appreciate the social contact during dinners and on the market. I usually skip the cooking, but I like to help pickup leftovers from the market sellers every week. You have a different kind of interaction than when you shop on the market and are just a customer. You don’t really get to know each other but you do cross a new border.

Bringing people together is the most important thing for me. Step out of your bubble. When you are a student it is so easy to just stay in your life where you only meet other students. At a certain point I find that getting a bit boring myself and I notice that it makes you a nicer and more understanding person if you also meet people who are not in the same situation. Actually, I think that with a lot of problems we have now, the root of the problem is that people from different groups are not in contact with each other. Hopefully I can make a difference in this after my studies. Something of a social function between health, sustainability and nutrition.”