Be part of the action


To truly experience the magic of GZG you have to help make it happen! Here you will find all the info on how to join us.

Donate food or appliances

Since we can only save fruits and vegetables from the market we always need a few more ingredients to make our meals come to life. If you would like to help us with this in return for your meals we would be grateful if you could bring along one or more of the following:

Become a partner

GZG collaborates with numerous organisations that allow us to continue this project. Would you like to be one of them? Please let us know your interest in our initiative (thank you!) and we will contact you asap about the possibilities.

Send us your vegan recipe

Have a delicious plant-based recipe that we should try at one of our dinners? Fill out our recipe form and we may name it after you 😉

Start your own GZG

Starting your own Groenten Zonder Grenzen location is easier than you think! We have done most of the groundwork so all you need are a few enthusiastic volunteers and a cosy and hygienic place to cook. Based on our research, on any given day in Rotterdam there is enough edible food being thrown away to feed 88,000 people!