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“What I like most is the mission we strive for”

‘On my year abroad in Rotterdam, I was helping at the garden of the Erasmus University (EUR Edible Garden) when one of the gardeners told me about GZG. A week later, I was helping in the kitchen. This was just before COVID19 so I have not cooked here often, but when I did, I loved getting to know everyone and saving so much food. I continued helping out by joining the Social Media team, where I create social media posts for our Instagram channel.

‘Sustainability is an important aspect of my life. I want to work in sustainability policy-making or communication. I am currently doing my master’s degree in the UK and I am doing most of my master’s projects on sustainability communications/marketing. In the past, I did do modules in sustainability such as ‘Leadership, Sustainability & Governance’ and ‘CSR & Sustainability’. I also have a certificate from the University of Cambridge on Sustainability for Business. I am also planning on getting a second masters in Sustainability or Environmental Management!

I like the mission we strive for at GZG and how caring and open-minded everyone is. I don’t speak Dutch so I focus on the communication part by creating posts for Instagram. For a while, I created the #nowastemonday posts. Currently, I am focussing on the blog side of our work. I am really busy since I moved back to the UK but I am trying my best to free up time for GZG wherever I can.’