Where are you originally from? How is veganism there?

I grew up in the Netherlands. I have know about veganism my whole life, because my mother was vegan herself. However, we were raised my siblings and I as meat-eaters. Actually, I only became vegetarian in my late teenage years and my family was rather opposed to the idea initially.

How can you apply the knowledge of your studies to GZG?

I followed gender studies which are instrinsically linked to politics. What I like at GzG is that I can be there, cook and contribute without it thinking about anything political. Of course in both cases they align with my values.

Do you live in Rotterdam and how did you get to know GZG?

Yes, I actually live just around the corner from Kipstraat. Back in 2019, I was looking to do some volunteering in the city and I stumbled upon GZG. However, with the pandemic and because I traveled, I never ended up joining. I re-discovered it in June (2022) when I came to one of the dinners with my friends. Since then I have booked my Wednesdays to come and help with either cooking or cleaning. GZG has become one of my weekly staples.

What has been your favorite dish so far and why?

I have a sweet tooth, so I’m always happy when the dessert buffet includes some kind of cake or crumble. I’m a big fan of the bread pudding with fruit, as it reminds me of my childhood and it’s also a great way to use leftover bread.

With all your awesome knowledge and skills about fighting food waste, where do you imagine GZG in the future?

I hope more people will be inspired to open their own GzG in their community, so we can reduce food waste even more and introduce more people to community, kindness and delicious vegan food.