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” The diversity of people, relaxed atmosphere, and equality ensure that everyone can and may participate ” 

I have a critical attitude when it comes to what companies and organizations contribute to society. From my past I have seen quite a few things in healthcare and welfare, some beautiful and others less so. I do work in the field of insurance, among other things, and also have a company that sells ice creams. But above all, I like to help people and to immerse myself in certain matters, in this way I contribute to a social, sustainable and better world.

I often watch programs such as De Monitor, Keuringsdienst van Waarde and Zembla. Such programs show that some things are beautiful on the outside, but something is not right behind the scenes. Often it is ultimately all about earning money … The great thing about the Groenten Zonder Grenzen project is therefore that we ultimately do not have paid employees, that we do not fall under a very large organization somewhere, and that we do not have large subsidy funds . It is all purely volunteers. The diversity of people, relaxed atmosphere and equality ensure that everyone can and may participate. We all try to make it fun.

I came across GZG when I was once in the community center. Out of my curiosity I got into conversation and then I came to eat and later also help with cooking. Now we have also recently opened a second location, near me in Schiedam. What attracts me is the bit of ‘doing things together’, actually helping people who are lonely, eat unhealthy or have little food. In addition, becoming aware of what we all throw away in food, but also vegan food. Although I prefer to call it vegetable food, that sounds a bit less radical. I always had the idea that it was more difficult to eat without fish and meat, that it was less tasty, but because of GZG I realize that that is really not true. I am now convinced that plant-based food is probably healthier, and certainly more sustainable, than the current mass bio-industry.