GZG Social Dinner
Next dinner: 24-11-2021
Time: 18.30-19.30
Address: Kipstraat 37, 3011 RS Rotterdam

Due to the lockdown in NL we will be starting half an hour earlier this week with a limited number of guests/volunteers.

Reservations can be made below on Monday at 10.00.

Our free buffet opens on Wednesday at 18.30  in the community center of WMO Radar

We would be really grateful if you could bring some ingredients that we cannot collect at the market. 

Hope to see you then! 


Our COVID-19 Protocol 💌🍎

To participate in our meals, we ask for a QR code at the door via your Corona-Check app.

You can get this QR code in several ways:

  1. With proof that you have been fully vaccinated
  2. With proof that you have recovered from COVID-19
  3. With a free Test Before Entry result,

For any questions, please call: 0633401193

We have faith in your understanding and cooperation and look forward to welcoming you inside!

Reserve your chair

Unfortunately all chairs have been fully booked for this week. Next monday at 10.00am a new form will appear here.