Meeting Notes / Instigator catch-up 15/11/22
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Attended: Balthazar, Fenne, Zuzanna, Bente, Nanne, Ruchika, Martina

Main talking points: Fermentation workshop, GZG Xmas special edition, How to include more people in need of a free meal?

Action points from this meeting

Meeting Agenda / Notes

Fermentation workshop


  • Date: Saturday 26th November
  • Time: 13.30 to 17.30 (approximately)
  • Place: Kipstraat
  • Max participants: 10 (+ some of us as helpers)
  • Target group: our volunteers
  • Material to buy with GZG money: organic cabbages (market), Kimchi from Robert
  • Other materials: Salt (Zuzanna), Jars (people who attend bring them)
  • Crew: Robert, Zuzanna, Martina

Approximate schedule

  • 13.30: meet at Kipstraat and go to the market together, buy the cabbages and walk around (1 hour)
  • 14.30: Robert talks about Kimchi, shows videos and participants taste his kimchi (in a room + projector or tv screen)
  • 15.15-15.30: Zuzanna gives an introduction to sourkraut and its health benefits, than we move to the kitchen and participants make their own sauerkraut (+ sterilizing the jars)
  • 16.30: end of the workshop and start to clean the kitchen
  • 17: snacks?

GZG Xmas special edition

Shall we do a special dinner around xmas time? The ideal would be Wednesday 21st December. First ideas: quiz (Kahoot – Nanne could make it with anecdotes about GZG?). This was just a random idea to be discussed further but there was some excitement about it.

How to include more people in need of a free meal?

Balthazar posted an article regarding the high number of people in the NL who are economically struggling. So we asked the group if and how GZG could have a role in this and if, as a project, we could reach people that are really in need of a free meal every week. 

There are some criticisms: in the past, we have tried to reach some groups (like homeless, and refugees) but we have always somehow failed; possible reasons: we haven’t tried enough; the GZG environment is not inclusive enough for certain people; some people just want a meal and are not interested in the social part; it is confronting for certain people to be in contact with different groups.

How could we try to reach more people in need? We talked about contacting social workers and associations that work in the area of Kipstraat, to make acquaintance, introduce our project and understand IF there is a need and if we could be a possible match for this need and how. BENTE is going to take up this task in the upcoming time.
Critical points from our side: we cannot have much more people joining because we are almost always fully booked → to solve this, we could ask some ‘regulars’ to come less often.

Volunteers from Rotterdam Randstad

We received a message from a Volunteer regarding some people from Rotterdam Randstaad that would like to be involved with us. Ruchika tried to contact the person but got no  answer. Martina will pick up the task and check if and how they would like to participate.


  1. Xmas dinner
  2. Confidentiality person (Bente)
  3. How to reach more people: updates?
  4. Volunteers from Rotterdam Randstad: updates?