Meeting Notes / Instigator catch-up 17/6/22
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Attended: Balthazar, Chloé, Martina, Ruchika, 

Main talking points: Assessment of new system without reservations, Instigator roles, and GZG rules

Action points from this meeting

Meeting Agenda / Notes

Feedback from Nanne/Ruchika/Martina on new setup

  • Nanne: “Everything is going fine, some things are even going better with the new system, but more chaotic which sometimes is too overwhelming”
  • walk-in time: so that it becomes less chaotic > putting it at 19.00 to make it easier for the cooks
  • more general how-to documents: setup instructions for table setters, chores, nutrition guide, coordinator-guide
  • So that things are known in advance and the Instigators present can focus on other stuff 

Instigator Role division recap

  • New instigators: so that it doesn’t only rely on a few people (Nanne, Ruchika, Joris)
  • Tarik as kitchen coordinator and another person
  • General meeting for all volunteers? We will wait till new instigators have settled first.

“GZG Rules”

  • Buying ingredients: not the purpose as we want to do magical dishes with what we have only (that’s the beauty of it) > it’s not a cooking club
  • Donation: ‘dry’ stuff only
  • Reimbursement: only if something is really needed
  • Being late: should we ask volunteers to be on time? Nudge them to do so?
    > Why: because otherwise it is chaotic
  • Whatsapp groups + not signing up: asking them to sign up because it make it tricky for some people who are not comfortable with being surrounded with too many people and makes it difficult for our coordinator