Meeting Notes / Instigator catch-up 30/3/2022
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Attended: Balthazar, Chloé, Ruchika, Martina, Nanne

Main talking points: Weather, Politics, Ukraine, and Social Media

Action points from this meeting

Meeting Agenda / Notes

GZG view on political involvement

  1. Guy from cdA helped us to get into contact with a guy from Milieu Centrum to help us with the Warmen Hotel.
  2. Feedback on the meeting with CDA: They were just interested in the meeting. 

Help Ukraine: what can GZG do to help?

First aid volunteers: This is a location where the Gemeente and the Red Cross help refugees who only “pass by”. The idea is that they offer them a safe space to take a shower some rest etc. They already have a lot of “regular” volunteers but are looking for specific people with a First aid training. Direct email if interested:

Oekraïen huis Rotterdam (@Pleinweg 196a)
The Gemeente Rotterdam opened a space for refugees to gather together. The space is opened every day from 10 to 6pm. And fun fact, apparently coordinated by WMO Radar! Maybe we could see to organize something with them?
> Nanne has more contact within WMO radar (thanks to her super new ‘Community Librarian’ job 💕📚)
> Remark: we could ask more from WMO Radar

Meeting the refugees on the boats provided by Rotterdam to get a feel of what they need most.

Social Media – can we turn it into a decent internship project.

  • Finding another social media guru among the volunteers
  • Myrthe: is it an idea to approach the vegan student association in Rotterdam and ask if there are students who’d like to do this for us? 

Idea Ruchika: A support WhatsApp group to help those undertaking the journey to plant-based diets?