Meeting Notes / Instigator catch-up 23/2/2022
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Attended: Nanne, Ruchika, Martina, Joris, Balthazar, Chloé, Myrthe and Stella!

Main talking points: Making GzG future proof / Balthazar leaving NL

Action points from this meeting

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Meeting Agenda / Notes

Making GzG future proof

  • Instigator division of tasks: up until now it wasn’t clear enough (chain of responsibility)
  • Decision: From now on there is a (group of) person responsible who needs to find a solution if he/she cannot make it (see next section and instigator manual for further details)

Responsibility chains

GZG External Communicator (Chloé > Myrthe) 

  • Checking / replying to emails
  • Communicating with outside organisations for support
  • Sending out cancellation emails when there are not enough volunteers

GZG Diner Sign-up What’s App Manager (Joris > Marlene > Ruchika)
Internal communication manager

  • Making sure the sign-up is posted
  • Making sure we have enough volunteers
  • Answering questions: we can all do it
    > No answer should go unattended
  • Communicating the decision for canceling a dinner (decided within the Instigators)
  • Checking who on the sign up list can close (brings the key to Nanne)

GZG Kitchen Manager (Nanne > Ruchika > AJ)

  • Inviting new cooks to the kitchen
  • Keeping track of our inventory
  • Communicating with WMO Radar

GZG Bookkeeper (Caroline > Wilco)

  • Submitting our btw aangiftes
  • Managing our bank account
  • Paying back costs a volunteer made
  • Keeping an eye on our post
  • Writing the annual report and annual accounts

GZG Social Mediator (Naël/Jaap > Martina > Chloé)

  • Managing and uploading social media content (Facebook / Instagram)
  • Managing and uploading LinkedIn content
  • Responding to messages on social media
  • (Maybe) Newsletter coordinator

GZG Market Coordinator (Sebastian > Robert > Nanne)

  • Showing new volunteers around the market

GZG Website manager (Balthazar)

  • Keeping the website up to date
  • Managing content on the website
  1. Knowing what we are all talking about: Ruchika rightly pointed that it is sometimes difficult to know what is going on and what each Instigator is up to.
    > Suggested solution: monthly meeting to keep each other posted
    > Using the Instigator group to send each other updates