Meeting Notes / Instigator catch-up 22/07/22
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Attended: Balthazar, Martina, Tarik, AJ

Main talking points: Oogstfeest, delegating the instigator tasks better, improving connection with volunteers

Action points from this meeting

Meeting Agenda / Notes

Loud dinner?

More and more people are playing music during the dinners. Someone is worried that this might create discontent between people living in the building.

Solution: we can make some flyers with the description of our project + saying that we could be a bit noisy + invite them, and deliver them to all the postboxes of the building. Implementation: Balt makes the flyer, Martina prints and distributes.

This point is not a priority!


We should have 2 coordinators present at each dinner, and those coordinators (for now) should be part of the Instigators group.

Kitchen coordinator: operates 16-19, runs and organises the kitchen during the cooking shift. People that can do it: Tarik, Nanne, Martina, Ruchika (if she wants to).

Logistic coordinator: operates between 18.15 to 21. Arrives for the table setting and stays until the end to coordinate the cleaning procedure. People that can do that: Martina, AJ… anyone else?

Those roles are decided in advance, to make sure that they are always covered. We use a shared excel sheet as a calendar and fill in our names to give our availability.

The name of the kitchen coordinator is written in the signup post in () under the food magician; the name of the logistic coordinator is written in the signup post in () under the cleaning crew.

Martina made a first draft to be used in august: it is here

Problem: We do not have enough people for the cleaning

Solution 1: During the intro talk, we make it very clear that we appreciate help at the end of the dinner. We introduce the logistic coordinator of the day, and we tell people to reach out to them if they want to help.

Solution 2: We should start cleaning DURING the cooking! The kitchen coordinator will gather with the cooking crew before every cooking session and after brainstorming about the food will make clear that it is necessary for everyone to keep clean while cooking, namely washing their own mess, load the dishwasher etc etc

Sign-up post: we should keep a better look at it

People have been cancelling without notice and other fun facts. Joris is on a holiday. Martina will cover for him in the meantime but everyone should keep an eye on the chat and encourage people to sign up for empty spots.

More communication with people

We should find a way to communicate better with our guests, especially about the donations and about bringing their own containers. Balt will put those info in the website, but we can also write it sometimes in the main chat and in the sign up grup (before the dinner).

How to kickstart the dinner: the “soup issue”

To avoid overcrowding the food area and make sure that everyone gets enough food, we will always put some aperitivo on the tables (bread + spreads) and the soup pot will be outside, on a separate table, with bowls, spoons and two big serving spoons, so people can get a portion as soon as they arrive.

Instagram / social media presence

At the present time, we don’t have anyone who can do it. We will not stress too much about it BUT we will stay on the lookout for possible volunteers. Balt is gonna put the “I WANT YOU” sign on our website and we can also make an Instagram post about it. For now, AJ is going to do Insta stories while he’s cooking.

Organisation of our pantry

Tarik is willing to re-organise our shelves, especially the spice part that right now is a total chaos. Tarik will buy some Tupperware and make everything neat. He will ask for help if needed. This operation will be possibly done NOT on a Wednesday.

Contacts / funds

We have discussed a lot about where we want to go, if and how we want to expand the project and in which ways. Tarik has proposed some names of organisations/ governmental projects he wants to contact (sorry, no names). We asked ourselves what we would do with the money & do we want money? We did not reach a conclusion but this point opened up an idea that you find in the next point…

GZG Community weekend!!!

Catching up with the vocal message of Martina, we propose to go on a little community weekend with the instigators of GZG. The goals of this weekend are:

  • Brainstorming about us, our group and our dreams
  • Share plans, ideas, processes and vegan food
  • Reflect on what we’ve done so far and be proud of it 🙂
  • Share some community life, cook together, do community exercises, share practices
  • [add here more ideas]

When: in October! Because Balt will be back in the NL. We should decide on a date 

NOW so we are sure that we will book our calendars for that day!

Where: in nature, in a nature house or camping or something similar. Tarik has 

names NIVON as an organisation that rents out places in nature at an affordable price; they have places also not far from Rotterdam.