Meeting Notes / Instigator catch-up 31/1/22
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Attended:  Balt, AJ, Fenne, Martina, Tarik, Ruchika

Main talking points: Future workshops, partner/misc updates, Future of GZG meeting

Action points from this meeting

Meeting Agenda / Notes

Future workshops

  • Zuzanna would like to organise one every third Saturday of the month. We agreed we should start with announcing 3 or 4 and then see if we can continue this the rest of the year.
  • Themes: fermentation and microbiome, women hormonal health and food is medicine
  • We need good communication what and when (and think of for who: volunteers (=whatsapp), outside (=instagram/website)
  • We should make a calendar/outline of these workshops in advance, so there is no last minute work we have to do.

Partner updates (Martina)

Rotterdamse Douwers

  • Counceling project for young people. Coupling of the young people to other Rotterdammers (the volunteer). Many people interested in food and thus organising their own dinner.
  • Maybe some want to volunteer with us, or come to our dinners.
  • They will let Martina know in advance.

Buddy to Buddy

  • same agreement as with Rotterdamse Douwers: they will come to dinner and might want to join for volunteering or just dinners.
  • Maybe let them give a presentation at dinner to introduce their project and maybe some of the guests want to become a Buddy for them.

CIC Network Cafe

What to achieve for GZG if we go? Give a presentation about our project. Ideas to achieve:

  • just introduce, maybe people/companies can donate or new volunteers
  • GZG around town
  • dream big: ??

van Bronckhorst foundation

  • (contact through Tarik): might be interested to do something for us.
  • Are we interested? >> we are going to hold a meeting about the bigger picture of GZG/future of GZG.
  • Balthazar will post a poll in Instigator group

Misc. Updates

  • Fenne for taking over contacts from Myrthe: (waiting for Myrthe to update Fenne)
  • Request for a kid chair: ask/demand from GZG (Martina/Fenne?). And we need spoons
  • e-mail addresses for instigators (Tarik): Balthazar can do this: set up GZG to be forwarded to your personal mail
  • Schedule for next month and filling calendar