Meeting Notes / Instigator catch-up 5/3/2022
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Attending:  Balt, Bente, Fenne, Ruchika, Martina? Zuzanna?

Main talking points: Feedback on 50 plate editions, questions from whatsapp group/previous meetings

Action points from this meeting

Meeting Agenda / Notes

Feedback on 50 plate limit

  • Overal experience so far?
    • Bente: In general the system works, more people are also signing up to volunteer. She thinks there needs to be a 10% leniency at the door, especially for people who help us regularly but are not part of our sign-up group (eg Connie, Sjon, Fahime + daughter). Group is divided on how this may complicate things, but we agreed that there has to be room for exceptions.
    • Fenne: table coordinators need a lot more direction. When she was there we were already full way before our official opening time of 7pm. what do we do in that case?
    • Ruchika: handing out soup firsts, and asking guests to come to the buffet one table at a time works well.
    • Balthazar: I’ve moved the table managers meetup time to 18.00 so they have more time. Would be great if the Logistics coordinator could also come a little earlier if no Instigators are present?
  • Parnian sign-up dilemma, did someone talk to her?
    • All: There is no need because it’s not likely to be a recurring issue and her help and initiative is really appreciated.

Misc questions via Whatsapp group

  • Special edition for next week? (week zonder vlees/women’s day)
    • Myrthe: We could ask guests to bring their favorite plant based recipe to exchange with each other for example. When they come in they can put it in a big box and then they can take another recipe back home at the end of the evening?
    • Bente: this request was communicated at the last dinner so will be part of the theme
  • Zuzanna’s workshops. what’s the status? Who would like to get involved and setup a program we can communicate?
    • Fenne: will touch base with her, and is willing to help where needed.
    • Ruchika: she is likely too busy with her workshops in Amsterdam
  • Who can help check/correct website (especially the Dutch version)?
    • Fenne/Bente will both check the Dutch texts. Balt will also ask his Aunt to help though come to think of it I don’t think she will be tech savvy enough.
  • GZG development Updates?
    • Balt: Tarik will communicate new board requirements/structure
    • Ruchika: We need to have another meeting only on this topic as it feels like there are still strong differences of opinions that should be resolved before we can make an active effort to change GZG.
    • Bente: zzzzzzzzzzzz

Incomplete tasks from previous meetings

We went through the full list and updated where possible. Please check to see if there are still tasks assigned to you that have yet to be completed: