Our Dinners


Every Wednesday we host a free buffet with delicious (and healthy) dishes made from fresh ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away.

These ingredients are collected from our partners at the market and then washed and sorted before our creative cooks combine them into ever changing meals.

Good to know

Before every dinner our Kitchen Coordinator will give a brief intro for new guests based on this text.


“I heard from other people that meals were made from food that was otherwise thrown away, so we wanted to try that out. I did that the first time with my wife and kids, then 16 and 22. We knew it was vegan, and I’ve always been someone who loves meat. I always shouted with […]


Groenten Zonder Grenzen (GZG) is a volunteer initiative offering weekly meals in an attempt to limit food waste. Due to the nature of the project we cannot take responsibilities for any food allergies. All our meals are 100% plant-based and cooked from scratch by our driven volunteer cooks. Therefore, if you have any allergies or […]