Our Dinners / Testimonials

“I heard from other people that meals were made from food that was otherwise thrown away, so we wanted to try that out. I did that the first time with my wife and kids, then 16 and 22. We knew it was vegan, and I’ve always been someone who loves meat. I always shouted with my big mouth “if I eat and there is no meat in it, then I haven’t eaten”. But it turned out that vegan food was tasty too! The food is inovative because different spices are used, it is different from preparing it at home.

Many people do not want to change their way of life. When I discovered Groenten Zonder Grenzen, I happened to be more concerned with what I ate, and still am.  A year and a half ago my sugar was much too high. When I went to the doctor and said “you have to take pills that bring your sugar, the glucose, down”. I am quite stubborn so I will not do that, those pills will not make you better. All pills do is suppress it. Then I actually started eating differently, more vegetables and less sugars and carbohydrates, and now my sugar is good and I have lost 25 kilos.

But it’s not just healthy food that draws me to Groenten Zonder Grenzen. The first time I came to eat at Groenten Zonder Grenzen was about two years ago. You sit there at long tables and have nice conversations with the people sitting next to you, just about everyday things. I noticed that the people who help are all very nice and social people. So not only is the food tasty, but the conversations you have are pleasant. And after words, we always enjoy helping with tidying up and washing up. “

-Charles (20/8/2020)

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