Our Dinners / GZG peaks at 50!
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The last few weeks we have seen a record number of guests and we’re very happy to see so many new faces participate in our dinners! Though we would love to be able to welcome hundreds more, at our current location there is a clear limit to how big our project can grow.

This limit is primarily determined by:

1) The physical space available inside to safely accommodate everyone. 

2) The amount of leftover vegetables that we can reliably collect at the market 

3) The quantity vs quality of food we can cook within our limited kitchen

4) The amount of donations (ie other ingredients) we receive 

Last but not least, it is very important to us that our volunteers continue to enjoy helping out at GZG. Since we are entirely run by volunteers and therefore also dependent on them wanting to return every week, there is only so much we can ask them to do..

Based on these considerations and the experience of the last few weeks, we have determined that our max capacity is 50 people in total (including our volunteers). This is 10 more places than we had during our online reservation system so we are not “downsizing” but rather working around the current numbers! We have thought long and hard on how best to go about re-imposing a limit and this is what we will try first:

How it will work:

  1. We will put out 50 plates on a table in the entrance hall between the sliding glass doors, along with a welcome message / instructions. The first few weeks there will also be a coordinator at the door to answer any questions.
  2. From those 50 plates we will take off one plate for every volunteer who has signed up via our whatsapp group and wants to stay for dinner (they can then pick these up separately in the kitchen).
  3. Right before dinner starts (and there are just a few plates left) we will also roll out all the fruits and vegetables we didn’t use in the cooking. If the plates do run out, these leftovers can then be taken home as a small compensation for not being able to join for dinner.

We thank you in advance for your understanding, and if you have any ideas for improvement please let us know!

Also if you haven’t already done so, consider becoming a gzg volunteer 🙂

See you inside!

Team GZG