Our Dinners / Introduction


The buffet tables will be ready around 7pm and everyone is welcome to come and taste 🙂


Click here for a map of our community center located at Kipstraat 37 (close to Rotterdam Blaak).

What to bring:

Our dinners are free of charge but we would be very grateful if you could bring along some plant-based ingredients that we cannot collect on the market. This can then help make our next dinners even more delicious.

Good to know:

  1. We currently have a maximum capacity of 50 seats.
  2. In the entrance you will find a stack of plates corresponding to the number of seats still available inside.
  3. Please only take a plate for yourself (ie not for friends who are late). This keeps our first come first serve strategy fair for our other guests.
  4. If the plates at the entrance have run out it means we are fully booked. Please help yourself to the fruits and vegetables that are on the table next to it and try to come earlier next time 😉
  5. Due to the nature of the project we cannot take responsibilities for any food allergies. Please contact our cooks and they will let you know which dishes to avoid.

See you Wednesday!