Recipes / Self Pickled Nettles Pesto
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Grab a good pair of gloves, harvest your own nettles, and cook this delicious and super simple pesto!

Another amazing thing about nettles is that they are free! You can easily find nettles in parks and green zones, especially next to the water (rivers, canal, lakes).

So, grab a good pair of gloves, harvest your own nettles (you will need a lot! Once cooked they tend to reduced, just like spinach), go back home and cook this delicious and super simple pesto!


  • 400 gr fresh nettles leaves
  • 50 gr nuts (almonds, pine nuts, cashews, hazelnuts… what you have is fine!)
  • 1 garlic cloves (or more, according to your taste)
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Yeast flakes (optional)


  1. Remove all the leaves from the nettles (caution!) and boil them for 1 minute in water. After boiling, place them in a bowl with cold water and wash them properly. Now the nettles are safe to handle with your naked hands!
  2. Place the nettles together with the nuts and the garlic in the food processor. Start blending and slowly add the olive oil. Add the salt and, if you want, a tablespoon of yeast flakes.
  3. The pesto should be soft and creamy, if it’s too dense, add more olive oil (or a sprinkle of lemon juice). If it’s too soft, add some more nuts.
  4. Try it and season according to your taste.

How can you use your pesto?

  • To season a plate of spaghetti, orecchiette or gnocchi
  • On some grilled bread, maybe with some fresh cut tomatoes
  • As a base for a  creamy risotto

What about on top of a pizza or a focaccia?