Recipes / Zero Waste vegan nuggets
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Have you ever tried vegan nuggets? What if we told you that they are super easy (only a few ingredients), delicious and, cherry on top, ZERO WASTE?


For about 12 nuggets

  • The “okara” (soybean pulp leftover when making homemade soy milk) of 100gr dry soybeans
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Seasoning:
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Dried herbs of choice
    • (Optional but highly recommended): garlic or onion powder, paprika powder

For the breading 

  • Breadcrumbs (you can simply blend old or grilled bread/croutons), alternatively you can also use cornflakes
    Note: you can add any spices to “level up” your breading
  • Non-dairy milk


  1. In a bowl, mix the “soy bean pulp” with seasoning of choice, salt, pepper and nutritional yeast, 
  2. Form some nugget-shape patties 
  3. Bread coat the patties
    1. Prepare two bowls: one with the non-dairy milk, one with the breadcrumbs mixed with the (optional) spices
    2. Place one nugget-pattie in the bowl with milk, then transfer to the breadcrumbs bowl to coat it in
    3. Place the nuggets on a plank
    4. Repeat the process for all nuggets
  4. Air Fry or pan-fry them
  5. ENJOY with vegan mayo, ketchup or any other delicious sauce

Pro tip

  • Freeze the patties in (at least 30min) and take them out of the freezer when you want to bread coat and cook them. This way they will hold their shape better (and you can prepare the patties in advance).
  • The bread-coating situation can become quite messy so try to use one hand per bowl to avoid making too much mess