Table Managers
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Tuesdays, 18.15 – 19.30
Location: Kipstraat 37
In this team you can let out your interior or exterior designer and welcome our first guests inside!

What to bring: Chair-carrying muscles 

What to do: 

  1. Bring out 8 tables from the meeting room adjacent to our storage room (ask an Instigator to open the door if it is locked).
  2. Place 3 tables in front of the reception area and 3 in a row near the entrance (these will be our buffet tables). Place another 2 tables next to the small square wooden table opposite the reception (this is where we put our leftover vegetables).
  3. Load one of the trolleys in the kitchen with 40 plates/soup bowls and 40 knives/forks/spoons (ask an Instigator where they are). 
  4. Put 20 of each at the start of each buffet table so our guests can pick them up. 
  5. Make sure the large glass water dispenser is full and add at least 40 glass cups next to it. Also, fill a few water bottles and place them on the different tables. 
  6. Ask the cooks which of the vegetables they no longer need and start putting them on the 2 leftover tables. Make sure it can still be used (so throw out anything that looks like it can still be used).
    Note: certain people like to take (sad looking) fruits for smoothies 
  7. Add one of the crates from the storage room where guests can put their ingredient donations.