Communicate GZG Hotline to volunteer and guests
Ask Chloé if she can be temp GZG counsellor
Create early sign-up post for Volunteer Dinner
Finish posters for volunteers
Design cards for Xmas edition giftbags/msgs
Reach out to Tarik
Notify guests at next dinner about December 7th edition
Create a Save the Date post for Christmas dinner
Write to Groen Goed for cabbages
Promote the workshop: make a flyer and post in the group
Ask Ahmed for a room and projector and book it
Ask Robert when / if he’s available for workshop
Add donation request on homepage of website
Make list of ingredients that Tarik can pick up with AH vouchers
Ask Fenne to join instigators
Contact Joris and temporarily take over Sign-up posts
Make some social media posts on Facebook and Instagram to call for new volunteers.
Invite new Instigators to our group to lessen burden on Nanne/Tarik
Fill in coordination sign up sheet for coming weeks
Make Sign-up post/invitation for Oogstfeest 25
Meeting for next Oogstfeest on the 25th
Agreeing a location/activity for our Instigator weekend
Finalising and printing the “house rules” for table managers and clean sweepers.
Changing the website roles (Tarik and Nanne esp.)
Creating the long-term (two-month) calendar for kitchen and dinner coordinators
Communicate to everyone about the outside tables (esp. Table managers)
Tarik, Zuzanna and Nanne meet again to set a date and work on specifics
Create online to do list for Instigators
Add a “What to say before dinner” outline for our kitchen coordinators
Everyone should keep an eye on the chat and encourage people to sign up for empty spots.
Make flyer to explain GZG to apartments surrounding courtyard (if they complain)
Change walk in time on website to 19.00 to give more time for cooks
Talk to Robert and Sebas about disagreement
Screen the pantry for any large volume items that should either be finished or donated further
Training people to help update the website
CDA meeting: do we want to take action?