Volunteer / Clean sweepers
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Tuesdays, 20.00 – 21.00
Location: Kipstraat 37
This is your ticket to GZG’s exclusive after party! There will be music to dance to as we race to get everything cleaned up in record time.

What to bring:

Your favourite playlist, conversation starters, gloves (optional)

What to do:

Your main task is to coordinate the guests/volunteers that offer to help out and (on occasion) close off Kipstraat if we are the last ones left. 

IMPORTANT: Get the master key by asking one of our Instigators

Task list (to divide among guests/volunteers): 

  1. Bring the trolley with dirty plates into the kitchen
  2. Put on some good music via the black Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Rinse off the dirty bits and start loading the plastic trays located under the dishwasher
  4. When a tray is full, put it in the dishwasher and press the “2” button, this is the fastest program and takes around 3 minutes.
  5. While the dishwasher is busy start loading the next tray
  6. When the dishwasher is finished put the tray out on the counter next to it so others can start drying and putting the dishes away.
  7. All pans can be washed separately, either in the large sink or the smaller sink near the kitchen stove.
  8. Put the spices back in our storage room in an organised way (preferably after asking an Instigator)
  9. Take all the remaining leftovers to the trash can on the corner of Bredestraat and Kipstraat (around the corner to your left when you exit the building)
  10. Make sure the filters in the sinks are not clogged and throw away any ingredient stuck there
  11. Sweep the floors around the tables
  12. Sweep and mop the floors in the kitchen 

Closing off the building (if there is no-one else left)

  1. Ask one of the Instigators (preferably before they leave) for the key and the alarm code.
  2. Set the door switch in the top right corner to Exit Only (the arrow facing up):
  3. Find the Alarm box to the left of the sliding doors and enter in the alarm code
  4. Leave the building and let the doors fully close behind you. 
  5. Lock the doors with the master key
  6. The lights in the main hallway will turn off a few minutes later
  7. Bring the key to Nanne’s flat (she lives around the corner) and drop it in her mailbox.