Volunteer / Market Runners
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Tuesdays, 16.00 – 17.00
Location: Kipstraat 37
Meet our friends at the market and be amazed at how much quality food gets thrown away.

What to bring: gloves (optional), muscles, GZG wheelbarrows 

Extra Notes: You do not need to speak Dutch (most market sellers don’t either and already know about our project and are ready to donate as soon as they see the wheelbarrows and our smily faces). Either Robert or Sebastian will be there to show you the ropes. 

What to do: 

  1. Find the two wheelbarrows stored outside in the courtyard to the left after you walk through the entrance of Kipstraat. 
  2. Walk the two wheelbarrows to the market in front of the Laurenskerk. Here is the quickest route to follow (it’s around 400 metres)
  3. With the wheelbarrow the market people will recognize you but here are a few tips to increase the likelihood they contribute:
    1. Look for the main man/woman in charge and approach them politely from the side when they are not busy with other customers
    2. After asking if they have anything they are throwing away/willing to donate to a good cause. Most are ready to give everything away at the end of the day so it is all about getting there at the right time. 
    3. Try to build a personal relationship with each seller. Ask for their name, talk their language/jokes, and always tell them we will be back next week. Each stall usually occupies the same spot so you will begin to recognise them fairly quickly.
  4. If the wheelbarrow starts getting full, be strategic: prefer vegetables which will be easy to integrate in meals over fruits for instance. Some market people are trying to “use” GZG to get rid of all their leftovers, but we need to make sure that they can be used for the dinner (to avoid that the spoiled food is just being transferred to us to throw).
  5. Bring the ingredients back to Kipstraat and store them in our storage/fridge.
  6. Lock the door of the storage
  7. Post a picture or video and list of the main ingredients in the Food Magicians group so the cooks know what they have to work with. 
  8. Take some extra fruits and vegetables home with you in return for your contribution!