Food Magicians
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Wednesdays, 16.00 – 19.00
Location: Kipstraat 37
Join this group if you want to experience the beating heart of GZG. No previous cooking experience required!

What to bring: Apron (we have a few at Kipstraat), your favourite knife (optional, we also have some)

Safety rules

  • No sandals or open shoes in the kitchen
  • Ask an Instigator where the first aid kit is located

What to do: 

  1. Join our GZG Food Magicians group to see what we collected from the market and brainstorm a few ideas before you arrive. Preference should go to recipes that are easy to serve to at least 40 people (for example a large pasta/rice/couscous salad, a big pan of vegetable curry, etc).
  2. Take all the fruits, vegetables, and spices out of the storage room next to the reception and sort out what can be used/cleaned (the Instigator present has the key). 
  3. Divide the cooking tasks and aim to have everything ready by 19.00. Some people prefer to cut things to pieces whilst others are better at putting things together. 
  4. When a dish is ready make sure to divide it into 2 serving bowls. This way we can set up 2 buffet tables on opposite sides of the room and we avoid having one long row of people when it comes time to eat. 
  5. Put whatever fruits and vegetables you don’t end up using (but are still edible) on a table near the entrance so our guests/volunteers can take them home. 
  6. If you notice any (dry) ingredient which is missing or which we are getting low on, notify an Instigator so they can update the donation list and our stocks.
  7. Take some leftovers home with you in return for your contribution
  8. Highly recommended: put on some good music! 🎶

Special tasks for the chief cook

At every social dinner, we try to give a nice introductory speak for our dinner. This is an opportunity for one (or several) chief(s) cook(s) to explain their inspiration, share any fun anecdotes and remind guests of the concept of GZG. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of things to communicate:

  • What dishes are there and what is the theme of the dinner (if any)
  • Give the credits: what did each cook contribute to
  • Welcome newcomers to our dinners
  • Remind guests about:
    • The fact that they can give a hand to the Clean Sweepers
    • That we always appreciate their donations (+ if mention certain specific ingredients we particularly are in need of from our donaltion list).
  • Thank them for coming
  • Invite people to fill in their plate reasonably so that everyone can try everything (and hopefully go for seconds 😇😏)